1.A model which matches salespeople to retail customers base

1.A model which matches salespeople to retail customers based on estimated profit potential of each salesperson-retail customer match, where each salesperson is to be matched with at most 25 retail customers, could be modeled as which network models? Either as a shortest path or a traveling salesman model.Either as a minimal spanning tree or a maximal flow model.Either as a maximization assignment model or a maximization transportation model.Either as a capacitated transshipment model or a direct enumeration model.2.In the standard assignment problem where, for example, workers are being assigned tasks, which of the following situations would preclude the application of the assignment approach (the Hungarian algorithm)?A worker may be assigned to more than one job.A worker may be unable to perform a certain job.The number of workers does not equal the number of jobs.Workers may perform fractional parts of jobs.3.  In a standard transportation model, each objective function coefficient represents thetotal cost of shipping from a source to a destination node.fixed cost of utilizing the route between a source and destination node.unit cost of shipping from a source to a destination node.negative “unit cost” of not using the route between a source and a destination node.4.  In a minimal spanning tree problemIf node 1 is connected to node 3, which is connected to node 5, the shorted path from node 1 to node 5 is 1-3-5.The optimal solution is found by adding arcs of least distance until all nodes are connected.The arcs between nodes 1 and 5, between nodes 1 and 9, between nodes 3 and 5, and between nodes 5 and 9 cannot all be included in the optimal solution.The solution will include n arcs.