1.&nbspAssume you were a delegate (representative) at the Const

1. Assume you were a delegate (representative) at the Constitutional Convention. Based on your knowledge form the reading of the unitary, confederal, and federal systems, what advantages would you have identified in this newly proposed federal system? Write a paragraph to try to sell this new system to the other states creating the new union. (Why is federalism better than the others? You may also list disadvantages if you wish to make a case for that.) 2. Many of the clauses in the Constitution are vague, meaning that the precise meaning is not always clear.  This has enabled the federal (central) government to respond to the needs and politics of the times. This has been well documented throughout the chapter three. Explain one way using an example provided by the book of how this flexibility on interpreting the clauses has allowed for the growth or responsiveness of the federal government. (20 points) (Due Thursday, February 5, by 5pm)