1.&nbspRead the scenario&nbspLance, a high school student, is rea

1. Read the scenario: Lance, a high school student, is reading the local paper when he finds out that the County Board of Supervisors has voted to extend the school day an extra hour to allow more time to address low scores in mathematics. Lance feels that rather than extending the school day, the board should put pressure on teachers and administrators to use instructional time more effectively. He plans to write a letter to the editor to express this opinion. What is one strength of Lance’s writing topic? 1.It is a topic that will allow Lance to outline his plan for a more effective use of the school day.2.It is a topic that Lance feels passionate about; this will help him establish a convincing tone.3.It is a topic on which Lance is an expert; he knows from experience that a longer school day will not address the problem.4.It will allow Lance to argue both sides of the issue, which is important in presenting a fair and balanced view of the topic.

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