1.&nbspWhich observation supported Wegeners theory of contin

1. Which observation supported Wegener’s theory of continental drift?    Different continents had different rock types.  Identical fossils were found on continents that were far apart.  Each continent had mountain ranges.  The earth’s rotation could provide enough force to move the continents apart.Question 2.2. Which feature do you usually see when tectonic plates move apart?   mountains  new ocean ridges and seafloor   volcanoes   earthquakesQuestion 3.3. What happens in a convection cell?   Hot, less dense material moves horizontally, while cold, dense material moves vertically.  Cold, dense material moves horizontally, while hot, less dense material moves vertically.  Hot, less dense material sinks while cold, dense material rises.  Cold, dense material sinks while hot, less dense material rises. Question 4.4. Which materials can P waves travel through?   solids, liquids, and gases  solids  liquids  gasesWhich of the following types of volcanoes has steep sideswith a broad, gently sloping base? (Points : 3)  shield-volcano  composite-conevolcano  cinder-conevolcano  hot-spotvolcanoQuestion 8.8. What type of material is released from avolcano? (Points : 3)  lava  gases  pyroclasticmaterial, lava, and gases  pyroclasticmaterialQuestion 9.9. What term is used when describing characteristicsof magma flow?  (Points : 3)  viscosity  temperature  silica content  compositionQuestion 10.10. Which of the following may be associatedwith the collision of two sections of continental crust? (Points : 3)  earthquakes anda mountain range    earthquakes,volcanoes, and trenches   hot-spotvolcanoes   trenches andearthquakesQuestion 11.11. The S-P interval of seismic waves recordedat a seismometer is 8 minutes. Approximately how far away is the earthquake’sepicenter from the seismometer? [equation: (S-P interval) = 0.00146 (distanceto epicenter)]   less than 1 km   550 km  5,500 km   8 km Question 12.12. Deposits of economic minerals might beassociated with which of the following?   two sections ofcontinental crust moving together   two tectonicplates moving past each other  two tectonicplates moving apart  an oceanicplate and a continental plate moving togetherWhich of the following features was not created by subduction? (Points : 3)  Alps  Andes  Mariana Trench  JapanQuestion 20.20. The seismic waves of an earthquake are useful in determining which of the following? (Points : 3)  distance to a plate boundary  distance to the ocean  time of an earthquake  interior of the earthQuestion 21.21.A seismograph station is located 2000 km from an earthquake’s epicenter. Explain the order that the S and P waves will arrive at the station. Using what you know about the characteristics of the different waves, explain your answer.