102 Paper One Rubric.docx&nbspYou have already identified what

102 Paper One Rubric.docx You have already identified what you think the Salvation Army’s most important function is, whether that is anti-trafficking, addiction rehabilitation , family tracing, after school programs, assisting the poor with food and other emergency services, etc. The goal is not to write about the S.A., but one of the social issues that you found on their website.It will be necessary to do a bit of research to narrowly focus your topic so that you can research it thoroughly with in a relatively short (4 page) paper.  For example, if you write about anti human trafficking, limit the topic to the state of AZ, who might be vulnerable to human trafficking or what is being done to combat human trafficking in a particular community.  If you write about addiction services, focus on gambling or alcohol or a particular drug. One student is writing about the effect of alcoholism on a particular community. You can include what the S.A. is doing to combat a social issue, but you may choose not to.  If you do focus on the S.A. or another program that is trying to eradicate the issue you are writing about, try to address the following: Are they doing a good job of fulfilling their mission?  If so, why? If not, what other agency does a better job? This is an example of a research question that will help you guide your research.  No matter what you write about, developing a research question is an essential tool (see pages 300-301 in Reading, Writing and Research).In order to address a research question, you will use four – five reliable sources to support a strong thesis statement.Reliable sources include: One credible web based source, such as the Salvation Army or other organization’s websiteThree library based sources, such as Gale Virtual Reference for background information, the Opposing Viewpoints database,  local and national newspapers and magazines, and other sources to be identified by the librarianYou may also use an interviewThe essay needs to be a minimum of four pages (not 3 ½ or 3 ¾).Cite sources in text and with a Works Cited page according to MLA standards.  Follow this Link to the Writing Center Resource page and click on links seven and eight under APA and MLA.  You can view these two handouts via Adobe Reader, print them out, or stop by the Writing Center to pick up copies located in the files attached to the wall just behind and to the left on the information desk.Because this is a research paper, use academic language, which means avoid personal pronouns such as “we,” “you,” or “I” unless you are incorporating a personal experience. Avoid contractions and colloquialisms to in order that an educated general audience can comprehend your ideas.Focus on concise language (avoid wordiness) and writing in the active voice.My topic is  Veterans Affair Services  I attached the rubric to the email.

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