3The Cannon Hill furniture Company producestables and chairs

3The Cannon Hill furniture Company producestables and chairs. Each table takes five hours of labor from the carpentrydepartment and three hours of labor from the finishing department. Each chairrequires three hours of carpentry and two hours of finishing. During thecurrent week, 230 hours of carpentry time are available and 90 hours offinishing time. Each table produced gives a profit of £85 and each chair aprofit of £55. How many chairs and tables should be made?  [Total20 marks for this question](((((Plagiarism)))))Theuse of work produced for another purpose by you, working alone or with others,must be acknowledged.Copyingfrom the works of another person (including Internet sources) constitutesplagiarism, which is an offence within the University’s regulations. Briefquotations from the published or unpublished works of another person, suitablyattributed, are acceptable. You must always use your own words except whenusing properly referenced quotations.Youare advised when taking notes from books or other sources to make notes in yourown words, in a selective and critical way.

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