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A+ answers | Accounting homework help

Question 1 The information contained in performance appraisals helps managers:
write job descriptions.
compute the firm’s overall performance in terms of a rate of return on investment.
evaluate job applicants.
make decisions about promotions, compensation, training, and firing.

Question 2 The _________, which is developed from the previous four steps of the human resource planning process, addresses how the firm will accomplish a wide array of human resource functions such as recruiting, selecting, training and developing, appraising, compensating, and scheduling its employees.
strategic plan
tactical plan
job specification
Gantt chart
Question 3
Kandew Electronics requires all employees who work as research specialists in its electrical engineering department to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering (BSEE). This educational requirement would most likely be stated in the job _________ for this position.
Question 4
The most likely reason a firm would pay its sales representatives a commission rather than a salary is that it wants to:
provide sales representatives with a strong incentive to generate more sales for the company.
keep the pay system as simple as possible.
be able to deduct the cost of compensating the sales representatives from its taxable income.
give the sales representatives a stronger incentive to collaborate with each other and act as a team
Question 5
The ____________ protects individuals over the age of 40 from discrimination based on age with respect to issues such as hiring, promotions, job benefits, and assignments.
Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967
Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1998
Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938
Employee Rights and Responsibilities Act of 1983
Question 6
This year, International Accountants, Inc. implemented a new benefits system that gives employees the flexibility to choose among different benefit options, as long as the total cost of the benefits does not exceed a certain amount. The type of benefits package offered to International Accountants employees is a(n):
cafeteria-style fringe benefits plan.
democratic benefits package.
open options benefits plan.
Question 7
This is Anne’s year! She finally broke through the glass ceiling – meaning she has reached an executive level position with her company, with a salary upwards of $200,000. Recently a competitor firm has approached her offering her $15,000 less in salary, but the job would come with an upgraded car, memberships in two country clubs of her choice, an additional two weeks paid vacation with use of the company’s villa in Jamaica, and paid financial counseling. With respect to compensation, Anne:
will not consider this offer because it is not worth $15k less in salary, and it would impact her ability for future offers.
may consider this offer because it is not just about compensation, it is about the job content.
will not consider this offer because it lacks soft benefits.
may consider this offer because accepting fringe benefits instead of a higher salary may positively impact her tax consequences.
Question 8
A firm would implement a policy of holding exit interviews if it wanted to:
find out why so many of its good employees were quitting.
implement a golden handshake policy.
allow immediate supervisors one more chance to convince retiring workers to stay on the job.
make sure workers who agreed to telecommute understood their new responsibilities.
Question 9
Which of the following statements about human resource management opportunities and challenges is most accurate?
the age composition of the labor force is becoming younger
workers are becoming less loyal to their firms, resulting in higher turnover
workers are now demanding that more of their compensation be in wages and salaries and less in fringe benefits
the number of workers who have received training in high tech fields far exceeds the number of job openings in these areas
Question 10
A ___________ plan gives employees some ability to adjust hours when they work, as long as they work the required number of hours.
cafeteria-style plan
Gantt scheduling
Question 11
Off-the-job training:
is further development that occurs at the workplace, but after scheduled work hours.
focuses only on the skills needed to perform the job.
may include higher education.
is training that all employees should take-on, on their own, in order to stay competitive in their career field.
Question 12
Humphrey Communications uses a flextime plan, however, all employees must be on the job from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. These hours are referred to as the:
core time.
mandatory attendance time.
shared facilities time.
compressed time.
Question 13
Computer and robotics training is sometimes performed in a nearby classroom type setting. We refer to near-the-job-training as _____________.
vestibule training
apprenticeship training
Question 14
Hillary is a human resource manager with Golden Years Elder Care Services. The company is considering offering some new services, and she wants to know how many current employees have certain types of skills and training to adequately perform the new services. A document that would help Hillary answer this question is the firm’s:
strategic plan.
human resource inventory.
organization chart.
social audit.
Question 15
Which of the following statements identifies a key difference between a job description and a job specification?
A job description is concerned with the short-run objectives of a job, but a job specification is concerned with the job’s long-run objectives.
A job description is based on a human resource inventory, while a job specification is the result of a performance appraisal.
A job description is a statement about the job, while a job specification is a statement about the person who does the job.
A job description is a brief summary of what a job involves, while a job specification is a detailed and technically complete statement of what a job involves.
Question 16
A(n) __________ is a financial incentive a firm offers to encourage employees to accept an early retirement offer.
green fair-way
golden handshake
silver lining
Question 17
A firm that wants to reduce its office costs, broaden its base of available talent and improve job satisfaction could achieve all of these goals by:
recruiting only from internal sources.
making greater use of scientific management techniques.
implementing the Hay system of compensation.
allowing more workers to work from home.
Question 18
One implication of today’s flatter corporate structures is that:
employees are more likely to get a lateral transfer, before a promotion.
firms are becoming less interested in hiring contingent workers.
a greater number of workers are now classified as middle managers.
workers are expecting more of their pay in the form of stock options.
Question 19
The _______________ was created by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and has since become a formidable regulatory force in the administration of human resource management.
National Labor Relations Board
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Affirmative Action Transition Commission
Question 20
A major advantage of a piecework pay system is that it:
creates a powerful incentive to work efficiently.
requires a minimum of paperwork and record keeping.
encourages cooperation and teamwork among employees.
is a system that is strongly supported by both unions and management.
Question 21
A problem with the Hay system of compensating workers is that:
because it is relatively new, most workers and managers are unfamiliar with it.
the EEOC has declared it illegal because it discriminates against older workers.
it is difficult and expensive to administer because of the extensive paperwork needed to compute wages and salaries each pay period.
it can lead to resentment because more productive employees may earn less than employees who do not perform as well but have worked for the company longer.
Question 22
A newer form of performance appraisal is called the ___________ because it encourages feedback from all around the employee including those who report to him/her.
360-degree review
roundabout assessment
environmental review
multilevel assessment
Question 23
One of the most important responsibilities for professionals in the human resources field is:
understanding the ethical perspective of each employee.
filing employee medical claims.
to always “right past wrongs.”
staying current with employment-related legislation.
Question 24
The time when all employees must be present in a flextime plan is referred to as:
compressed time.
shared time.
core time.
company time.
Question 25
Referring to the Making Ethical Decisions box titled, “Are Unpaid Interns Too Interred?” the passage reflects on:
The strategy of hiring unpaid interns, but offering them benefits instead of a pay check.
Whether it is unethical for companies to pay interns because it deters another person from having a continuing job.
How it is a current dilemma that very few internships are set up to provide valuable job experience for the intern.
How to evaluate an internship. Does it provide good work experience? Is it a dead-end job, or a future opportunity?
Question 26
Which of the following statements about sexual harassment is most accurate?
Only men can be charged with sexual harassment.
Sexual harassment cannot be proven unless the employee’s submission to such conduct was made explicitly a term of employment or was used to influence the results of the employee’s performance appraisal.
One flaw with the current laws concerning sexual harassment is that they do not take into account the possibility of same-sex harassment.
In evaluating charges of sexual harassment, the courts place a great deal of emphasis on whether the behavior was unwelcomed.
Question 27
If management and union officials cannot resolve a grievance, a(n) _________ is asked to listen to the arguments of each side and to make a decision that both sides will have to comply with.
Question 28
A labor dispute between the AFL-CIO and Gainesville Brewery is into its eighth month. The AFL-CIO has called on its membership and the general public to refuse to purchase Gainesville products. The AFL-CIO is calling for a:
general boycott.
secondary boycott.
primary boycott.
public boycott.
Question 29
Drug problems among workers is costing the U.S. economy upwards of ______ in lost work, health care costs, and even crime and accidents.
$100 million
$50 billion
$414 billion
$50 thousand
Question 30
As a management executive left the meeting between his team and the company’s union representatives and headed straight for the CEO’s office, he reviewed where things seemed to breakdown. Union reps came to the table with three different offers to resolve the insurance and vacation benefits problems laborers were experiencing. Management offered its own resolutions – two different ones, to be exact. The problem was that a bargaining zone did not emerge. Neither side was willing to consider each other’s alternatives. As he reached the CEO’s door, he was ready to concede that the negotiations were probably headed to _______________.
collective bargaining
a vote
Question 31
The __________ is a tactic police, firefighters, and other workers who are not legally allowed to strike sometimes use to express their frustration and displeasure with working conditions or pay.
gold cold
steel deal
blue flu
Question 32
Geraldo works on the assembly line for a major automobile manufacturer. He was hired for the job without any specific training or skill. Geraldo joined a union with other assembly-line workers who perform a variety of jobs that do not require a highly specialized skill. Geraldo belongs to a(n):
industrial union.
craft union.
assembly union.
traditional union.
Question 33
The Labor-Management Relations Act (or Taft-Hartley Act) can be best described as a law which:
gave unions much more power and led to a rapid rise in union membership.
gave employees the right to serve on the board of directors of their company, thus encouraging a more equitable treatment of workers.
eliminated the need for unions in many industries by providing workers with widespread rights and protection against unfair labor practices by employers.
placed limitations on union activities and gave more power to management in dealing with unions.
Question 34
Unions were originally formed _________________.
to make certain that there were an equal number of nonmanagement and management-level employees within the company
to uphold the state and federal laws under which businesses operate
to seek protection against unfair treatment
to seek worker corporate voting rights, the same as stockholders
Question 35
The CIO (Congress of Industrial Organizations) organized unskilled and semiskilled workers into:
craft unions.
a political party.
industrial unions.
union shops.
Question 36
In the late 1930s management at Bodenger Industries agreed to hire only those workers who were already members of the Steelworkers Union. Bodenger had agreed to a type of arrangement known as a(n):
closed shop.
open shop.
union shop.
restricted shop.
Question 37
In recent years some unions have granted concessions and given up benefits secured in earlier contract negotiations in an attempt to save jobs. These concessions are called:
Question 38
In its early years, the AFL’s strategy was to:
grow as rapidly as possible by allowing people from all professions and walks of life to join.
limit its membership to skilled craftspeople.
limit its membership to unskilled and semiskilled workers.
form one big craft union which everyone could join; but it later split into several smaller organizations.
Question 39
__________ provided dynamic leadership for the American Federation of Labor during its early years.
Karl Marx
Kenneth Adams
George Meany
Samuel Gompers
Question 43
Sexual harassment laws:
apply only to situations in which men make unwelcome advances to women.
are enforceable only in states that have enacted right-to-work laws.
apply to the conduct of women as well as men.
are applied only in situations in which a person must submit to unwanted advances in order to keep his or her job.
Question 44
If a union is present in a firm that has a(n) _________ shop arrangement, workers may join the union if they wish, but they are not required to join or pay a union fee in order to keep their jobs.
freedom of choice
Question 45
___________ is the use of a third party to encourage labor and management to continue negotiating in an effort to settle a labor dispute or achieve a mutually acceptable labor-management agreement.
Question 46
During the 1920s and early 1930s the Dallas Sheet Metal Shop was able to prevent workers from forming a union by requiring them to sign an employment contract in which they agreed not to join a union as a condition of employment. Dallas was making use of:


yellow-dog contracts.
blacklisting agreements.
implied consent decrees.
Question 47
Which of the following statements best summarizes the extent to which unions currently rely on strikes as a tactic when collective bargaining breaks down?
Unions have become increasingly reliant on strikes as other, less confrontational, tactics have proven unsuccessful.
Some highly visible strikes in recent years show that the strike is not dead as a labor tactic, but very few labor disputes actually lead to a strike.
Unions have almost completely avoided strikes since President Reagan replaced striking air traffic controllers with strikebreakers in 1981.
Strikes organized by unions are now less common than lockouts by management, indicating a major shift in attitudes between labor and management.
Question 49
As an employee of the human resource department of a major corporation, you are concerned about the potential costs of drug abuse. You are contemplating testing employees for substance abuse. Before adopting such tests, you should know that:
this type of testing has been found to be illegal, but many firms do it anyway.
medical tests of this nature are not very accurate.
if you use these tests, your company will join over 70 percent of major companies that test workers and job applicants.
these tests are very expensive, and should only be given to those who may belong to groups judged to be at higher risk.

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