A wild-type male and a wild-type female&nbspDrosophilawith red

A wild-type male and a wild-type female Drosophilawith red eyes and full wings are crossed. Their progeny are shown below.MalesFemales38 full wing, red eye34 full wing, red eye38 miniature wing, red eye14 purple eye, full wing18 purple eye, full wing18 miniature wing, purple eyePart AIdentify the genotype of each parent.Male: M+YP+p− Female: M+M+P+p−Male: M+YP+p− Female: M+m−P+p−Male: M+YP+p− Female: M+m−p−p−Male: M+m−P+p− Female: M+m−p−p−Part BWhat are the genotypes of females with purple eye?M+M+p−p−; M+m−p−p−M+M+p−p−; m−m−p−p−M+M+P+p−; M+m−p−p−Part CWhat is the genotype of males with purple eye and miniature wing?M+Yp−p−m−Yp−p−m−YP+p−