Activities include completing the chapter review, the Skills

Activities include completing the chapter review, the Skillsoft courses, independent student reading, and research.Review Ch. 1, ‘Business Driven Technology,’ Case, ‘The World is Flat – Thomas Friedman,’ of Business Driven Technology.Complete the following Skillsoft courses:Thinking Like a CFO: Mind-set and Financial PrioritiesThinking Like a CFO: Making Financial DecisionsThinking Like a CFO: Preparing and Presenting a Business CaseThinking Like a CFO: Managing RiskCapital Budgeting: The Capital Budgeting ProcessCapital Budgeting: Net Present Value and Internal Rate of ReturnCapital Budgeting: Discounted Payback Period and Profitability IndexCapital Budgeting: Capital AllocationIT Strategy Essentials: Business and IT Strategy AlignmentIT Strategy Essentials: Creating and IT Strategy PlanIT Strategy Essentials: Implementing and IT StrategyAssignmentCreate a series of diagrams with text-based comments based on Friedman’s assessment, and justify whether you agree or not. What effect does a flat world have for a person looking for a job? What could you do to prepare yourself for competing in a flat world? Include other flatteners not mentioned in Friedman’s list.

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