after choosing Topic&nbspi need alll this questions to be answe

after choosing Topic i need alll this questions to be answered pleasePromptsfor Writing an Introduction:Start by describing how youinteract with the problem or issue on which you’ll be taking a stance.Perhaps tell a personal story. How does this problem or issue affect you?Think about who needs to acceptyour point of view, or at least understand that your position is a validand acceptable point of view–your audience. Describe how they interactwith this problem or issue. How does it affect your audience in a slightlydifferent or similar way?Think about what kind ofrhetorical appeal–ethos, pathos, logos–might move your audience toaccept your point of view. Using the appeal that might resonate best withyour audience, tell them why they should accept your point of view.Craft an ultimate thesisstatement. This is your central claim–your position. Think of your bestreason for your position. It might be helpful if you use this skeleton foryour thesis statement: ‘(Position) because (good reason).’