Answer 20 multiple choice questions related to Hospitality a

Answer 20 multiple choice questions related to Hospitality and Tourism. Please only bid if you can guarantee 80% correct or better.Question 1Walt Disney World Resort is an example of a _________.Answerdestination resorttheme cruisegolf resortfood resort4 points  Question 2_________ is an example of perishability in the travel and tourism industry.Answeran unused seat on an airplaneundelivered fruita rescheduled flightan over booked hotel4 points  Question 3_________ are not subject to the seasonality factor.Answerwinter resortsland based resortscruise shipsski resorts4 points  Question 4The path a travel product or service takes from the producer to the consumer is known as the _________.Answerpath of least resistancechannel of distributiondirect routeindirect route4 points  Question 5Gaming refers to _________.Answerall types of sportsall types of entertainmentcasino gamblingNative American cultural events4 points  Question 6What type of agent does not work directly for a travel provider but sells his or her product for a fee?Answercommissiontradeintermediarystarter4 points  Question 7What role do convention and visitors bureaus play in the travel and tourism industry?Answerthey provide free transportation to local areas of interestthey provide tourist information to travelersthey lobby governments for the advancement of causes that benefit the travel industrythey do not play a role in the travel and tourism industry4 points  Question 8Modern amusement parks began in Disneyland in the _________.Answer1950s1960s1970s1980s4 points  Question 9Ski resorts in Colorado, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine are popular _________ destinations.Answernicheall-seasonwarm weathercold-weather4 points  Question 10At the national level, an agency that promotes tourism is called:Answernational tourism association office.chamber of commercemarketing associationQuestion 1Organizational structure is ________.Answerone big planone authorityevery one’s responsibilitydivided into several parts and departmentsan IBU4 points  Question 2A boundaryless organization is one that ________.Answerhas international connectionsinvests money in other companies overseashas rigid structures for financial reasonsmust have a chain of command to operatereplaces departments with empowered teams4 points  Question 3Forms of communication networks are _______.Answercomputer, phone, and cellchain, wheel, and all channelslow, under-rated, and fastupward, diagonal, and lateraldependant on the type4 points  Question 4Decentralization shows a company ________.Answerhas become more flexible and responsivehas become more time savingis helping guests moreis changing rapidlyhas become loose with its policies4 points  Question 5A nonprogrammed decision is ________.Answeran unusual circumstancevery easy to decidean alternative onea clearly structured problema recurring problem4 points  Question 6Interpersonal communications are only successful if _______.Answera computer is usedthe message is decoded lastfeedback has been receivedthere is no noise presentexplanations are given4 points  Question 7Project structures are projects that ________.Answertake a lot of time out for department headsare only short projectsinvolve only project teamsinvolve financial helpalways need outside help4 points  Question 8Making a decision that involves _______ is one of the most common situations managers encounter.Answerfinancial considerationcertaintyriskethical considerationteam approval4 points  Question 9Managerial communication has two types, one of which is ________.Answerorganizationalmanager to CEOfor manager onlycomputer to computerbetween levels of management only4 points  Question 10In a matrix structure, the specialists may report to ________.Answertwo bossesa general managerone directormain headquartersa CEO