Approaches to strategic planning for information resource ma

Approaches to strategic planning for information resource management IRM in multinational corps.pdfAchieving global strategic advantage.pdfCorporate IT strategies in the global economy.pdfGlobalization and information management strategies.pdfSupported by the readings from above links, you will need to research anddevelop a paper on “Knowledge Management” in the context of global ITmanagement and write a 8-10 page paper. The topic should be explored throughthe following perspectives: For instance, you can (1)identify the challenges ofknowledge management in a global environment, (2)describe the impact of globalinformation infrastructures, (3)illustrate the problems in developing globalknowledge management systems, (4)discuss the trans-border data flowsrestrictions on knowledge management, (5)interpret the current status ofoutsourcing knowledge management products and services, (6)investigate theissues of managing knowledge in virtual teams with different culturalperspectives, (7)develop strategies for knowledge management in a globalenterprise, and (conlusion/summary).Apply techniques that areappropriate from various readings. The final report will include the following:Description of topicProject objectiveStructuring your analysis to discuss how you recommendaddressing the problemsConclusion (summary, special problems faced and solved,lessons learned, contribution, etc.)The paper should be well written,formatted according to APA Requirements

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