Assignment 2 RA 2 LiteratureReviewDescription of RA 2In

Assignment 2: RA 2: LiteratureReviewDescription of RA 2:In this assignment, you willinvestigate a topic of your interest that is relevant to professionalcounseling. Consider choosing a topic appropriate to your area ofspecialization. The topic may address a specific population, a disorder ordiagnosis, a treatment method or technique, a current professional issue, or asocial justice issue in counseling. The literature review is designed toincrease your knowledge of the topic and improve clinical mental healthcounseling (CHMC) practice or service delivery. Information included in theliterature review should be current and scholarly for it to be relevant. Thetopic I have chosen is offenders with co-occurring disorders.Scenario:You have been hired as a member of aresearch team at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). You were hiredbecause of your expertise on the topic, and your role is to conduct aliterature review on offenders with co-occurring disorders. The research teamis relying on you to educate them on the relevance of the topic to counseling;its background, current trends, statistics, issues/challenges, andimprovements/changes; and the current research findings on the topic. Yourliterature would be the foundation upon which the research study will beconducted.Tasks:Access a minimum of 10 appropriate peer-reviewedarticles. Based on the articles, develop an introduction on thebackground of the topic. Analyze all articles and describe the key themes thatemerge across the selected articles. Synthesize the material and summarize the patterns ofsimilarities and differences regarding how each of the authors haspresented each theme. Based on your analysis of the literature, conclude byevaluating the impact of your chosen topic to CMHC practices, and explainhow you plan to continue developing in this area. Your final product will be an 8- to10-page Microsoft Word document written in APA format, using at least 10scholarly sources. Your paper should be written in a clear, concise, andorganized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representationand attribution of sources; and display accurate spelling, grammar, andpunctuation. This must be origional work because turnitin will be used to verify.