Assignment&nbspChildrens BookIt is time to learn more.&nbspResea

Assignment: Children’s BookIt is time to learn more. Research the Hellenistic Period on theInternet. Use key words like:Hellenistic AgeHellenistic PeriodAlexander the GreatGreece before the rise of RomeGreek educationGreek PhilosophyGreece 330 – 30 BCContinue to complete your organizer as you do yourresearch.Choose one of the following products. Submit it to yourteacher:Book Cover:Design a cover for the children’s book.Your cover art will need to be a picture that showsimportant ideas from Hellenistic Greece. You may use· PowerPoint or· any graphic or picture-makingtechnology you have· Try visiting website. Youcan download a program much like PowerPoint for free.Click here to see howyour assignment will be graded.Introduction Page:Write a one-page introduction for the children’s book.A good author knows that if the reader is hooked at thebeginning, they will want to keep reading. The introduction page needs tobe· one page of text· a summary of the main ideas of theHellenistic period· a good beginning for the rest of thebookClick here to see howyour assignment will be graded.