Assignment&nbspThink of a technology that has evolved, or is e

Assignment: Think of a technology that has evolved, or is evolving that has an impact on your business, your organization, or an industry you are familiar with.Write a 2-3 page paper that describes the evolution of the technology and the impact it has had on your chosen business, organization or industry.You must also include one of the following in your paper to help present the technology you picked:A timeline detailing the evolution or stages of technologyA flowchart describing causes and consequencesA slide presentationAn interactive diagramAny other options approved by your instructorImportant: Paper must include a minimum of 3 references and be done in APA Format Style with a reference page and in-text citations of sources for any quoted or paraphrased material. Also important is that you pay attention to the assignment requirements and do not bid unless willing to meet these. Additionally, paper will be checked against plagiarism.

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