Below is the syllabus forPL301 Practical Philosophy. Please

Below is the syllabus forPL301 Practical Philosophy. Please let me know if you have the COMPLETE lessonand the cost.  Thank you.WeekLearningActivityWeek 1 ‘DoingPhilosophy’• Reading• Read Lecture 1 ‘Whatis Philosophy?’• Read Lecture 2’Doing Philosophy’• Watch Video Lecture 1’Philosophical Questions’• Watch Video Lecture 2’Doing Philosophy’• Complete Discussion’Who You Are’• Complete Assignment’Philosophical Writing’Week 2 ‘The Meaning ofLife’•  Reading•  Read Lecture 1’The Meaning of Life’•  Read Lecture 2’Logic and Fallacies’•  Watch Video Lecture1 ‘The Meaning of Life’•  Watch Video Lecture2 ‘Logical Fallacies’•  Complete Discussion’The Happiness Box’•  Complete Assignment’Life is Like a Box of Chocolates’Week 3 ‘God’• Reading• Read Lecture 1 ‘God’• Read Lecture 2 ‘TheProblem of Evil’• Watch Video Lecture 1’God’• Watch Video Lecture 2’The Problem of Evil’• Complete Discussion’What Would Convince You?’• Complete Assignment’God and Evil’Week 4 ‘Self’•  Reading•  Read Lecture 1’Self’•  Read Lecture 2’The Mind-Body Problem’•  Watch Video Lecture1 ‘Self’•  Watch Video Lecture2 ‘The Mind-Body Problem’•  Complete Discussion’Nature vs. Nurture’•  Complete Assignment’Your Essential Self’•  Complete MidtermExamWeek 5 ‘Morality and theGood Life’•  Reading•  Read Lecture 1’The Good Life’•  Read Lecture 2’Moral Theories’•  Watch Video Lecture1 ‘The Good Life’•  Watch Video Lecture2 ‘Theories of Morality’•  Complete Discussion’Guess Who is Coming to Dinner’•  Complete Assignment’Why be Moral?’Week 6 ‘Justice and the GoodSociety’•  Reading•  Read Lecture 1’The Good Society’•  Read Lecture 2’Justice Beyond Our Borders’•  Watch Video Lecture1 ‘The Good Society’•  Watch Video Lecture2 ‘Justice Beyond Our Borders’•  Complete Discussion’Planet X’•  Complete Assignment’Justice and the Social Contract’Week 7 ‘Non-WesternPhilosophy’•  Reading•  Read Lecture 1’Non-Western Philosophy’•  Read Lecture 2’Asian Philosophy’•  Watch Video Lecture1 ‘Non-Western Philosophy’•  Watch Video Lecture2 ‘South Asian and Asian Philosophy’•  Complete Discussion’Who Needs to be Institutionalized?’•  Complete Assignment’Western and Non-Western Compared’Week 8 ‘Freedom and the GoodLife’•  Reading•  Read Lecture’Freedom and Self-Determination’•  Watch Video Lecture’Freedom and the Good Life’•  Complete Discussion’Let Freedom Reign’•  Complete Final Exam