Discuss the various types of partners an international firm might adopt when expanding internationally. How can a business partner affect a company’s sales potential? Support your posts with academic literature.

Types of Partners A general partner is a partner who takes part in the daily activities of a partnership. Also, the partner has the responsibility for the liabilities of the partnership in existence (Tsai & Hsieh, 2009). This type of a partner contributes capital to the business and is actively involved in the management. The […]

What does the literature say about the different forms of organizational structure; especially look into the variations facing business operating internationally.

Different Forms of Organizational Structure Businesses operating internationally face various variations in organizational structure. These variations are a result of the different cultures and operating systems of the different nations. Although this is the case there are some baselines in these nations. For instance, women are considered a minority group among entrepreneurs. Though the number […]

In a short essay, discuss different ways to prepare for a cross-cultural negotiation, and ethical dilemma.

Cross-cultural Negotiations and Ethical Dilemmas Different ways to prepare for a cross-cultural negotiation, and ethical dilemma Managers are often faced with ethical dilemmas and situations that require cross-cultural negotiations. In such circumstances, they require means to overcome the situations successfully. Certain dimensions require to be considered in the negotiations due to differences in values, practices, […]