CHFD220Due 6pm Friday 2/6/2015Assignment ConflictResolution

CHFD220Due 6pm Friday 2/6/2015Assignment ConflictResolution – Setting Ground Rules must be detailed and in paragraphs of 4 to 5detail sentences eachImagine a scenario in which you anda new partner are discussing testing for sexually transmitted infections.Devise a strategy for addressing this issue with your partner.  Write outa role-play conversation with your partner using the effective communicationstrategies discussed in this lesson.CHFD312Due Friday 2/6/2015Assignment Instructions Directions:A substantive paragraph or more for eachquestion should be included todemonstrate your understanding of the concepts. Please include a reference to support your ideas in thisassignment.  Take the time to cover allthe elements of the question thoroughly and succinctly. Each The worksheet contains twoparts. Please complete both parts.PART I – Autism Spectrum Disorder is characterized as a disorder in which childrendisplay deficits in: a) social interaction, b) verbal and nonverbalcommunication, and c) repetitive behaviors or interests (National Institute ofMental Health, 2007). For this worksheet, visit the links below and read oneindividual story a child with autism. Then answer the following questions:1)  1) Based on your reading, how canAutism Spectrum Disorders be treated?2)  2) What factors tend to influencethe high prevalence rates in autism diagnoses amongst children today?  Links:1. fora story about a child2. story to select astory about a child3. for an overview4. for prevalencePART II – Gifted children are those who display extremely high cognitive andacademic achievement skills.  SpecialEducation is often viewed as services for children who struggle or fall behind.  Gifted children also receive specialeducation services (e.g. an Individual Education Plan) much in the same way inwhich children with cognitive deficits and learning disabilities do. Pleasevisit the link below and answer then answer the following questions:1) Based on yourreading, what means do school districts use to help identify gifted children?2) What (if any) special education services do you thinkare available to gifted children in your opinion, should gifted childrenreceive special education services? Why? Why Not?  Link: