Description 2a. Renaissance painting Flemish and Italian. Art 103 Because this …

Description 2a. Renaissance painting Flemish and Italian. Art 103 Because this is not an Art History course we don’t have time to go over the history of art. We did a session on cave painting, Now we are going to have a splash of the renaissance art, so we are going to fast forward about 30,000 years. We a going to have a look at both Northern renaissance (Flemish Painting) and Southern Renaissance painting mainly from Florence Italy. I am posting links for three videos. Two are short Smart history videos, the other is more extensive and focuses on the contributions of the Northern Renaissance. Assignment: 1. After watching the videos, In a couple sentences, I want You to tell me why the works of Van Eyck ( Northern Renaissance) are important. The northern Renaissance smart history. flemish renaissance painting. (Links to an external site.). T hen tell me why the works of Michaelangelo or Giotto (of the southern Renaissance) from Florence Italy, are important. Also tell me how they are different, specifically in terms of the painting technique. Smarthistory- The Renaissance in 11 min.Michaelangelo The “ Unchained art of the Renaissance” is a more complete explanation of the 1400’s socially and commercially. Keep in mind that at this time Europe is still dealing with the Black Plague, a pandemic like the Covid virus. The adds are annoying so skip them if you can. Unchained art of the Renaissance: _ Flemish Also one of the short videos describes the attributes of Chartres Cathedral – a classic Gothic work made in the end of the Middle Ages. The video talks about the stain glass windows in the cathedral- This is important to toke note of because the general public did not have access to art work. The brilliant colors of the church windows was like going to Disneyland because of those bright colors. There was no TV or electronics. People would travel from all over Europe to see the stain glass windows. 1c Art 103. Neolithic cave painting these pictures are the first images we have of humans making art. Some are prehistoric dating to 35,000 years ago. I am a short video that describes cave pictures around the world. there is no written info from this period so we don’t really know why they made these pictures but it is presumed that it was magical/hopeful in wishing for a successful hunt and kill of the animals to feed the tribes. 35,000 years later we still eat. Now a-days we hunt our food and other stuff at a store or online. So the assignment is to draw 3 pictures. Draw or paint or take a photo of the food object of your desire, (think “In and Out” burger, or a steak dinner, or tacos or sushi or Halloween candy), then submit the picture to the assignment tab. I chose food first because it is one of the 3 basic necessities for human survival. The other two pictures will complete that basic survival list, to be clear: Draw, paint, collage or use a photo to make a picture of an article of clothing you appreciate or aids in your survival/comfort, lastly draw, paint,collage or make photo of a shelter ( a house or some place to protect your body from the elements) this can include references to the current homeless crisis. To help- simple examples would be 1- a taco, 2- a sweater, 3- a home. It is OK to include text in your picture, another words it’s OK to write “burger” under, over, or above the image of a burger. A caveman/woman would normally have painted the object of their desire on a wall to create the magic needed for a successful hunt. This seems like graffiti, but I don’t want you to do anything illegal like spay painting on your neighbors house even though it mike look cool. I am including a picture called ‘Trolley Hunters ” by the street artist Banksy. This picture should help you to understand the context of the assignment. Have some fun with it. Use you imagination. These drawings do not have to rendered super realistically but it would be good if you were pleased with your work. Remember- they can be a drawing, a painting, or a photo Example: the food could be a drawing, the clothing a photo, the home, a drawing or collage. Any combination is OK, or they could all be drawings. This is an eight minuet video of ancient cave painting and rock art from around the world. In my art history course this lecture is a few a couple hours. Below is the link to Cave Painting. (Links to an external site.) This is a supplementary video on cave painting and important for contemporary study. It is long but suggests they may have had a written language.2

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