Description Part 1 SunT Cur.,’ Earth’s Jan.4 Position Earth’s J …

Description Part 1 SunT Cur.,’ Earth’s Jan.4 Position Earth’s July4 Position The letters A-D on the left columns refer to the positions of the earth in its revolution round the sun as indicated in the attached diagram. E and F refer to the positions of the earth on the date shown in their columns. Complete the table on the left b answerin for each of columns A-F, uestions 1-10 below. 1. 2. 3. 4. The data is: Jan. 4 March 21 June 21 July 4 (e) Sept. 21 (f) Dec. 21 The sun’s ray is overhead at: The Equator The Tropic of Cancer Tropic of Capricorn The Arctic Circle The Antarctic Circle (0 North Pole (g) Betweenand The sun’s ray is overhead at: 0 0 lat 23 oN (C) 23 0 S 66 N 66 S gooN goo S betweenand The season which is beginning in Spring Summer Fall Winter e None of these (insert letters above) _{insert letters from above) N. Hemisphere is: 5. The season which is beginning in S. Hemisphere is: Spring Summer Fall Winter None of these 6. 7. The northernmost tangent rays strike the earth at: The Equator The Tropic of Cancer The Tropic of Capricorn The Arctic Circle The Antarctic Circle North Pole South Pole Betweenend(insert letters from above) The above point in #6 in on: the far side of Pole. the near side of the Pole c the Pole. 8, The southernmost tangent rays strike the earth at: The Equator The Tropic of Cancer The Tropic of Capricorn The Arctic Circle The Antarctic Cirde (0 North Pole South Pole Between and (insert letters from above) The above point in #8 is on: the far side of the Pole. the near side of the Pole. (c the Pole, 10. This date is also called: (a) equinox (b) solstice. perihelion. apheli’on. Part 2 1 .Which of the following 4 spheres is made up of solid earth? biosphere lithosphere hydrosphere atmosphere Theencompasses all living organisms of the earth. biosphere lithosphere hydrosphere atmosphere Which of the following represents the lowest thermal layer of the atmosphere? thermosphere mesosphere troposphere stratosphere The highest atmospheric temperatures occur at: the earth’s surface. the troposphere. the stratosphere. top of the thermosphere. The relationship that temperatures decrease with altitude is found in which of the following atmospheric layers? the troposphere only troposphere and mesosphere troposphere and thermosphere stratosphere and mesosphere That an iron heated at one end will burn its holder exemplifies which of the following processes of energy transfer? radiation conduction convection all of the above Lines connecting places that have the same temperatures are termed: contour-lines. isotherms. isobars. isochrones. The ground can only radiate long wave radiation but the atmosphere radiates long wave radiation a. upwards, downwards upwards, in all directions downwards, upwards upwards, at right angles to the upward flow 20 degrees C. is equivalent to degrees F. c.-6.7 10.The distribution of atmospheric pressure is shown on maps by: a. isoquants. b. isobars. isohyets. contour lines. 1 1 .The solar constant: is highly variable. has a value of about 1370 W/m2 is measured at the earth’s surface. is not affected by the earth’s atmosphere. 12.What properties of the earth’s atmospheric mass is accoutned for by the troposphere and the stratosphere? exactly 50% about 50% 75% 99% 1 3.The troposphere is shallower at the poles because of: the rotation of the earth. the low temperatures there. the absence of greenhouse gasses at high latitudes. none of the above. Why is it summer in N. Hemisphere in June? Earth is closer tot the Sun in June. Sun’s altitudes are highter and days are longer. Sun sends out giant solar flares in June. N. Hemisphere is tilted away from the Sun. The ocean, land and atmosphere all emit long wave radiation. As latitude increases away from the equator solar insolation value drops. The intensity of insolation having angle of inclination 30 0 is 50% of the direct vertical insolation. The highest diurnal temperature is reached at noon. Rural temperatures tend to be lower than urban because urban pavement reflects off much of the heat. Temperatures close to the ground are heavily influenced by the rapidity with which the surface both heats up during the day and cools at night. TRUE/FALSE (15-21) 21.The March Equinox is much warmer than the September Equinox. Part 3 The major problem common to all maps is: distance projection. distortion. lack of uniform scale. none of these. The transformation of a geographic grid to a flat grid is: cartography. remote sensing. c. map projections. d. area enlargement. The projection is centered on the North or South Pole and displays the meridians as lines. Mercator, curved Goode, straight conical, curved Polar, radial A major difference between the solar year and the sidereal year is that solar year = 366.25 days whilst sidereal year = 365.26 days. true false. A cylinder is a developable surface. true false. When is it 9AM Friday CST at Memphis (90 0W), it is also 9AM Friday at Nashville (360 N 87 0W). What is the local time at Nashville? Why is local time = standard time at Memphis? What is the local time at Little Rock (350 N 92 0W)? A flight from Tokyo (135 0 E) to Honolulu (150 0W) departs Tokyo Thursday 11:55PM and arrives Honolulu at 12:25PM (25 mins afternoon on the same day, i.e. 11.5 hours before departure). Compute the exact flight duration in hours and minutes. Read the following quotation and answer the questions below: With suitable diagrams, prove the assertions. Clearly state your work and reasoning. “The sun’s altitude at local noon at 40•N latitude increases from 26.5 0 angle above the horizon at the winter solstice to a 73.5 0 angle above the horizon at the June solstice, a range of 47 0 .” a.Clearly restate the 3 assertions in the quotation. 9.1t is June 21 in New York City ( lat 40.5 N ) what’s the noonday altitude of the sun ? Draw appropriate diagrams and show your reasoning

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