Description Part 6 Research the assessment strategies and current assessment r …

Description Part 6 Research the assessment strategies and current assessment results from the school district in which you currently reside or teach. You will need to find information on the types of assessments used, when students are assessed, the policy for student accommodations, the test results for the past few years, and anything that the district is doing to address improving student scores and achieving state standards. Use the Internet, to research one (1) topic from the list of recommendations the superintendent provided or your own approved topic. Justify your topic selection by highlighting its relevance to your chosen district being able to successfully meet its K-12 assessment goals. Your research should also focus on locating current issues, applications, assessment strategies, and tools related to your selected topic. Once you complete your research, submit this portion of the white paper to your superintendent for review and feedback. Write a five to seven (5-7) page paper in which you: Explain your research topic in      which you detail its relevance to meeting one (1) or more K-12 assessment      goals in your chosen school district, focusing on a specific grade level,      discipline, or target student population (gifted students, students with      special needs, traditionally underserved students, etc.). Examine at least three (3) key      political, legal, and / or current issues related to your chosen topic. Describe at least three (3)      specific needs of the students in the school district including students      with special learning needs. Propose at least three (3)      applications your topic has to K-12 assessment in your chosen school      district. Provide atleast four (4)      sources that document detailed information about your proposed topic. The      sources must be written within the last five (5) years. Part 7 Now that your superintendent reviewed your first submission and provided feedback, you will make the suggested revisions. You will also complete this section of the white paper. You will justify your topic selection and its relevance to the school district’s goal of improving its assessment results. Write a three to five (3-5) page paper in which you: Revise Assignment 1 using the      feedback that the superintendent provided. (The revision of the previous      assignment is not included in the page count for this assignment). Evaluate your district’s      assessment strategy for the area(s) that are relevant to your research and      make any recommendations. Consider the following points: Does your district’s current       assessment strategy meet the needs of certain populations of students? What can be done to improve       assessment results, especially within specific populations? Are there any concerns about       your district’s assessment strategy that you have based on your research? How does your research and       recommendations fit into the boarder picture of improvement? Ascertain three (3) new      advances in computer and web technologies that would benefit K-12      assessment that are related to your topic. Highlight one (1) of these new      innovations that might be practical for the district to implement in the      near future. Provide a rationale for your response. Propose the strategic manner in      which you would conduct a training needs analysis for teachers related to      your topic. Provide at least three (3)      additional reliable, relevant, peer-reviewed references published within      the last 2 years. Part 8 Your white paper that you have developed on your selected K-12 assessment topic is now ready for you to present to the locally elected board of the school district. Create a presentation using Prezi or similar software in order to present your research to the task force. The information within your presentation will assist the Task Force in developing a district-wide professional development plan geared toward improving the overall test scores of the schools within the district. Recorded Presentation Overall presentation style and structure Present your findings in ten      (10) slides using Prezi, PowerPoint, or a presentation software of your      choice. (Note: Notify the professor on Week 7 concerning the      software you choose to use for the presentation). Include a title slide and      references section (These two [2] slides are not part of the ten (10)      slide requirement). Develop a coherent, organized      presentation using your chosen tool for a professional audience, using      clean design, readable text, and visuals that support the information      presented. Provide audio narration of the      presentation slides as if you were delivering the speech. (Note: If      you do not have access to a microphone, then you should provide detailed      speaker notes with your presentation.) Overview and recommendation      section (first five [5] slides) in which you: Provide an overview of the       white paper. The overview should include, at a minimum, background on       your topic and its relevance to K-12 assessment and the demographics of       the district. Discuss the significant       recommendations that you have made within the white paper regarding       changes to the district’s current assessment goals. Provide three (3) methods by       which the Task Force might use the white paper in order to develop a       district-wide professional development plan geared toward improving the       overall test scores of the district. Personal reflection section      (last five [5] slides) in which you provide: What you have learned from       developing the white paper as well as what you have learned during this       course. Your personal reflection on       the new technologies that you researched in Assignment 2 and the manner       in which such technologies have changed your views on how to approach       assessment in the classroom. The manner in which you would       implement the recommendations made in Assignment 2 within your own school       district or within your classroom practices. Provide specific examples of       the changes that you have already made or would like to make.

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