Description Which of these develops from the Wolffian-system in the fetus The …

Description Which of these develops from the Wolffian-system in the fetus The fallopian tubes The upper one-third of the vagina The scrotum The epididymis At birth, with complete androgen insensitivity syndrome are almost always labeled Female Male Androgynous Intersexual Normally, a mature sperm, like a mature egg cell, contains 46 chromosome pairs 23 chromosome pairs 23 chromosomes 46 chromosomes What is mitosis? The process by which one body cell becomes two identical cells The connections between the chromosomes and the genes a person inherits The period of prenatal development from conception until birth The process by which germs cells divide to produce ova and sperm Soon after they differentiate in the fets, the tests begin to manufacture two substances, both of which affect development of the genitalia. Those two substance are Testosterone and wolffian-inhibiting substance (WIS) Estrogen and wolffian-inhibiting substance (WIS) Testosterone and estradiol Testosterone and mullerian-inhibiting substance (MIS Prentally, in most males the labioscrotal fold fuse (join together) to become the Scrotum Inner surface of the urethral tube Penis Wolffian ducts On average, women perform better than men in ___ problem solving–skills, but men tend to perform better than women with ___ Visual-spatial; tests of fine motor control Verbal; describing emotions visual -spatial; verbal skills like crossword puzzles Verbal; visual-spatial problems The mullerian ducts develop into all of the following EXCEPT the Uterus Ovaries Upper ? of the vagina Fallopian tubes Which hormone has the most direct effect of the development of the external male genitalia (penis and scrotum) before birth? Estradiol Progesterone Dihydrotesterone (DHT) Testosterone By definition, a genetic male who is sexually aroused by fantasies of his own body being female is A homosexual transsexual Gyneandrophilis Autogynephilic A homosexual transgenderist Semi Androphilic Three of the following statemts about trajssexual surgery (gender confirmation surgery) are mostly true. Which one if not true? The hormone treatments and surgery creat the bodily appearabce of the target sex Male-to-female gential surgeries typically produce more realistic results than female-to male surgeries After each surgery, many trans people can participate in sexual activity and have orgasms After such surgery, trans people who went in the male-to-female direction can bear children in their uterus (using donor eggs and sperm) According to professor sandra bem, psychological androgyny is defined as Having schema (mental construct or generalization) that represent masculine and feminine characteristics as opposites The belief that one’s gender identity is both male and female female (“gender queer”) Having both stereotypically masculine and stereotypically feminine traits Having brain structures of both males and females The genetic sex of a child is determined by chromosomes in its Grade point average Autosomes Mother’s ovum Father’s sperm Zona pellucida Which of these points did out guest speaker van discuss in his gender lecture? Why being molested by his aunt had no effect on his being transgender How his sibiling, who was born a boy, grew up to be a male-to-female transsexual (maybe) The emotional pain when he discovered that his siter had written a religious booklet about why strict christians should not accept transgender rights Men and women’s bathroom behaviors are very different In 1973, the american psychiatric associa removed which of the following conditions from its official list of mental disorders (the DSM)? Homosexuality Transsexualism Transvestism Childhood gender nonconformity One the phil donahue show video, dr. weinrich ended up in the same side of the argument as Dotson rader, who had done research on young street prostitutes John de cecco, editor of a scholarly journal Frank aqueno, a perfomance artist who insisted that he chose to be gay Simin levay, who studied the INAH-3 in the braina Whose theory claimed that gay men became gay become of “castration anxiety”? Sigmund freud William masters (and, to a lesser extent, virgina johnson) Alfred kinsey Magnus hirschfeld Homosexuality in ancient greece was Very similar to homosexuality in native american hunter-gatheres More common among lesbian (like sappho) than among men Typically associated with childhood and adult gender nonconformity Widely accepted and often integrated into the social structure What event marked the beginning of the gay liberation movement? The appointment of sexretly gay FBI head J. Edgar Hoover The assassiantion of John f. Kennedy The oremiere if the TV series queer eye for the straight guy The watts riots The stonewall riots LeVay (1991) examined the volume of the INAH-3 region of the hypothalamis in homosexual males, heterosexual males, and heterosexual women. He found that The regions were the same size in the all three groups Heterosexual women had the highest volume in that region Heterosexual men had a higher volume in that regin than homosexual men had Homosexual men had a higher vilume in that region than did heterosexual men Whixh donohue show panelist alientad many (or most) of the members of the audience when he said that he chose to be gay because he lernedat an early age that “women were not my equal” John de cecco, editor of a scholarly journal Dotson rader, freelance write Simon levay, from the salk institute Frank aquino, performance artist The kinsey scale if measure of Penis length, recorded by the subject on a postcard after he returned home after the kinsey interview Sexual orientation, ranging rom 0 (exclusively heterosexual) to 6 (exclusively homosexual) Total sexual outlet (the total number of orgasms in a particular time period) masculinity/femininity with 1 dimension What are androphilia and gynephilia Gonadotropic hormones more influential in men and in women, respectively Medical terms for cancer of the testes and ovaries New, politically correct terms for :gay” and “straight,” respectively Professor kurt freund’s terms for attraction to men’s body types and women’s body types, respectively Researchers have found evidence in favor of biologal predispositions for homosexuality in which if the following areas? All of these areas have provided some evidence of such biological predispositions Structure of the hypothalamus Prenatal hormones Genetic studies of the X chromosome Which if the following variables is most strongly associated with sdult homosexuality Childhood gender nonconformity Sex hormone imbalances in adulthood (but not childhood) None of these area significantly associated with sexual orientation Sexual molestation in childhood by an adult of the same sex Homosexual behavior in animals none of these is true Is not really preference of the animals involves Is usually dominance behavior of no erotic significant Is extremely rare Which researhcer claimed to be able to change homosexual or bisexual oeirnations to a heterosexual orientation, but probably falsified their data (according to Dr. Weinrich’s lecture) Robin fox John gagnon William masters (of masters and johnson) David mcwhirter Until a supreme court decision in 2003, under what laws were homosexuals generally prosecuted in the united states? Larceny laws Felonious assault laws Sodomy laws Discrimiation laws The storms (1980) model of sexual orientation is different from the kinset continuum model in that it includes which additional category (besides heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual) Asexual Pansexuals Autosexuals Ambisexual Which populations tend to have moderate to high levels of biphobia Both heterosexual populations and homosexual populations heterosexual populations but not homosexual populations homosexual populations but not heterosexual populations Neither homosexual populations nor heterosexual populations Christine jorgensen was A male-to-femal transsexual The first female physician to gather secual orientation data from american women A gay drag queen entertainer whose real name was jorg christianson The owner of the stonewall inn, a famous gay bar in new york Carl has been in prison for 2 years and has had sexx with men many times in prison. He is a heterosexual populations and has homosexual relations only because he has no opportunities for heterosexual contact. This is called Reflective bisexuality Heterosexism Homophobia Situtional homosexuality Which of the following is not one of hendrick and hendrick’s “style of love”? Pragma (logical love) Ludus (game-playing love) Agape (selfless love) Eors (passionate, romantic love) Fidelius (faithfulness) Mania (possessive, excited love) Stronge (friendship) According to dr. weinrich’s lecture about attraction and love, wedding rings first symbolized the husband possessing the wife; what were the usually made of Gold Silver Leather Platinum Iron Suzan married Bob because he is of the same race/ethnicity, has a similar education, and participated at suzan’s lunch. This is an example of Polugamy Simogamy Ontogeny Homogamy Researchers have studied many chemicals in research in the biological mechanism of love. Which of the following have they studies Dopamine Endorphins Oxytocin All of these chemical are being studied for their role in feelings of love According to dr. weinrich’s lecture, what word did dorothy trnnoc create in order to describe a type of love that characterized by preoccupation, acute longing, exaggeration of good qualities, overlooking bad qualities, and seesawing emotion Lovulance Lavishment Luster Limerence What physical traits in women are most lesbians attracted to, according to the textbook? Women with large breasts All of these Women who are heavy Women with a waist-to-hip ratio of approximately 0.7 The three sides of sterberg’s love triangle are Passion, commitment, and intimacy Limerence, lust, and liberty Erotic love, fatuous love, and consummate love Id, ego, and superego Which of the following statements is true about cultural attitudes toward female weight? Wide hips are valued in very few cultures Thin, muscular-abdomen figures are valued in most cultures in history In our culture, anorexic(extreme) thinness is preferred by most men Some preliterate societies value plump (heavy) women Sometimes people have relationshipns in sex and marriage with others who are similar to themselves, and sometimes they don’t. Generally speaking, which of the following items, is similar when two people have a sexual and/or marriage relationship in our culture All of these tend to be similar Ethnicity (race, color, ancestors, etc) Educational level Age In animals, the vomeronasal organ detects Genotypes Pheromones Hormones Orientation in space (which way is up) According to one the “truth of fiction” items that turned out to be true, rating of someone’s attractiveness tend to be higher if the person is Looking confident smiling Laughing Not looking down It is common sense that “opposite attract,” but it is also common sense that :birds of a feather flock together” (similar people attract each other). For erotic attraction and getting married, which of these is more often true (according to your textbook) Both statements tend to be true “Opposite attract” tends to be true “Birds of a feather flock together” tends to be true Neither statement is true. We cannot predict attraction because it is a mystery Aging women experience many changes in exual functionning. Including 3 og the 4 listed belows. Which of the following is not usually experienced by aging women? Increased desire for sexual relations Smaller increases in breast size during sexual arousal Vaginal walls that are less elastic Less vaginal lubrication What is the most likely effect of having an infant sleep in a parents bed (co-sleeping)? Although some pediatricians disagree, according to scholarly=by researchers cited in the textbook Co-sleeping does not have harmful effects Parents who co-sleep with their infants usually have emotional problems Co-sleeping with parents is likely to inhibit (hold back) a child’s sexual functioning as an adult Adults with emotional problems are more likely to report a history of co-sleeping during childhood Concerning eroticism in infant boys and infant girls, which of the following if true Girls can product vsginsl lubrication, but boys cannot have erections Boys can have erections, but girls cannot produce vaginsl lubricationd Girls cannot produce vaginsl lubrication, and boys cannot have erections Girls can produce vaginal lubricants (although it can be difficult to detect), and boys can have erections Suzzette is a 4 years old girl who insists that although girls can group up to be nurses, only boys can group up to be doctors. But Suzette’s own mother is a doctor. What is the most likely explanation of this discrepancy (conflicting pair of fact) Suzette doesn’t really understand that her mother is doctor Suzette was joking Suzette was probably raised in an overprotective way, and thus has not imprinted on the actual reality of make and female occupational choices in our society Suzette is at a developmental stage where she is recognizing and learning the general rules about male and female roles Celibacy is Having mutiple secual partners Living alone Refraining from sexual intercource (not doing it) The same as serial monogamy Financially, divorce tends to impact (affect negatively) Only people in low-income marriages The women more than man Both the men and the women equally The man more than the women According to the three movie clips shown in class about children’s understanding of gender Boys who wear swim goggles are likely to become comedians Children’s upbringing rarely explains their stereotypical beliefs about what mothers and fathers do Only the oldest children typically say that both mothers and father go work Experimenters often accidentally suggest certain answers by the way they hold the male and female dolls in front of them The youngest boys and girls often believe that they can change sex if they want to The term homogamy refers to Opposite attract Polygamy Gay marriage Likely marrying like (birds of a feather flock together) Where do adolescents get their information about sexuality? According to surveys of the adolescents themselves, it is most often from Brothers and sisters Parents Friend Sex eduction classes Which is true regarding early childhood erections in boys and vsginal lubrication in girls These response mark the beginning of freud’s phallic stage of development These responses clearly indicate early sexual interest These responses are reflexes (not under conscious control) and do not necessarily indicate sexual interest These responses are one of the common ways by which children show affection for adults Throughout most of history, love was not considered an important basis for marriage. The notion that marriage should be based on love become common in the Nineteenth century Sixteenth century Seventeenth century Fourteenth century Punishing children for exploting their own genital or masturbatin may Make it more liekly they will guilty about sex in adulthood Destroy their chances of ever having a serious relationship in adulthood Help them abstain from sex (be abstient; nit have sex) as an adolscent Make it more likely that that have will grown up to be sexually responsible adults According to the textbook, same-gender sexual behavior childhood Is a result of gender confusion May be more common than heterosuxual play Probably has strong influence on adult sexual orientation Happens very rarely

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