Discuss the benefits of Gemba Walk

Based on your experience and knowledge of the health care organization AmerisourceBergen, identify its greatest weaknesses. Discuss problems with resilience, self-organization, and hierarchy.

Gemba Walk

  • Discuss the value of Gemba walks to the specific location you will be performing it in the Competency 2 assessment.
  • Identify the specific preparations you should make to complete a Gemba walk there and any obstacles you have faced or expect to face.
  • Summarize the organization (e.g., products or services, mission and vision).
  • Explain where you focused your Gemba Walk and why.
  • Provide Gemba observations.
    • What was the goal of your Gemba?
    • Where did you go?
    • What did you observe?
    • Who did you observe?
    • Give a preliminary analysis of your observations.
    • List key takeaways.