I have to answer 2 questions separately, each question needs

I have to answer 2 questions separately, each question needs to be at least 350 words. I DONT HAVE THE BOOK TO DO THIS ASSIGNMENT. Question #1Refer to the Box 28.3 of your text on page 643, and select one of the case study examples that are described: “Withdrawn Wilamena,” “In a hurry Harry,” “Shouting Shelly,” or “Pestering Pete.” Using the 6 steps, design a behavior change plan where the learner is taught to use the strategy of self-recruiting for reinforcement. How does the process of teaching a student how to self-recruit for reinforcement promote the maintenance of behavior change in your example? What ethical  considerations (if any) should you be aware of when designing your plan of change?Question #2Describe an illustration of how you could use a contrived mediating stimulus such as a cue card, photographic activity schedule, or a self-operated prompting device to generalize a behavior from the instructional setting to the generalization setting. How might you incorporate modern day technology into this self-operated prompting process? Using your illustration as an example, why is it important to consider the unique abilities of the individual when designing contrived mediated stimuli? What prerequisite skills, if any, should you consider when implementing such stimuli? Any ethical concerns?