I need help really fast.&nbsp The tutor I gave this assignment

I need help really fast.  The tutor I gave this assignment to has not completed it since Wednesday.  I need an answer no later than 11:00CST.  I sent him a down payment, but heard nothing since then.  Do you think you can help me?  I have all theinformation a web sites need to complete  the assignment.Review the Healthy People 2020 Leading Health Indicators Web page in the resources. Briefly review the ‘2020 LHI Topics.’ You can see the data and the impacts, determinants, and disparities.Choose one leading health indicator and write a 1–2 page paper in which you outline an implementation program you might develop as a health care administrator, on a local level, to address the indicator at all levels of the socioecologic model. In your implementation plan outline, be sure to indicate:·  What is currently being done.·  What needs to be done.·  What role leadership plays.·  What data would be necessary to show success.You may want to use the following optional resources for this assignment:·  U.S. Department of Health and Human Service’s National Prevention Strategy, pages 28–50. This was released in 2011 to provide an integrated guide for improving the health of the nation. It identifies health care priorities that look at a national plan in relation to what needs to be done and what data would show success. It may be useful to get you thinking about what you might use for your program.·  In 2008, Trust for America’s Health first identified Ten Top Priorities for Prevention, and now keeps them current on their Web site.·  Healthy People 2020 identifies their topics and objectives, which might have additional information for you. Category: Health & Medical