I need help with my health disabilities project. &nbspBelow is

I need help with my health disabilities project.  Below is the project instructions but first I need to submit my project proposal to my professor for approval, so after you complete this part (project proposal) I will submit another answer directly to you to start the final project.  PLEASE only accept this part if you can have the final project to me within a week (this will require some reading of the chapters I’ve attached).  I will pay $50-75.  Here is the instructions for the proposal that I need by tomorrow; please choose one from options below:In proposal write:Whether you choose the Interview or Current Events option;For the Interview option, a short summary of who you will interview, their disability, and what questions you are thinking of asking;For the Current Events option, a short description of both current events, link to both articles if available, and short summary of how you will compare and contrast them;Complete Bibliography of all sources you intend to use, including at least one course text, in proper APA format.Applied Final ProjectInstructionsFrom the Course Syllabus, here is the overview of your Final Paper Assignment.  Your first task will be to prepare a short (one-to-three paragraphs) Proposal of your idea for your Final Paper, including your intended sources from our course materials, readings, and any supplemental resources you choose.  Then, due on the last day of the course, you will submit a 4-8 page Final Paper based on your approved Proposal.  Final Papers are to be submitted via your individual Portfolio link.Examples of each option for this Project are attached, here: Interview Example 1  BEApplied Final Project – Compare&Contrast Example 1 (1).docx    Each came from students who received 100% of the available points.Note that you have a choice in this Final Paper to either:Interview a person with a disability of your choice, and contract/compare his/her experience with your knowledge and readings about disability history and rights from our course; ORCompare/contrast at least 2 (two) current events in disability, selected by you, from either our Current Events discussion conference or a reliable news source, applying what you have learned about disability history and rights in this course.The goal of this assignment is to show me what you have learned in this course, and how your new knowledge of disability rights and history in American has changed your perception.  You will demonstrate this through your analysis of either your interview of a PWD or your analysis of the two current events.  I will be looking for specific lessons from our class such as the history behind the ADA and ADAA, the concepts of Universal Design and Inclusive Education, or multicultural analysis of disability rights as a civil rights movement, for example.A note on the Interview option: If you choose to conduct the interview of a PWD, you must be able to certify that the individual you interviewed self-identifies as having some type of disability.  It does not matter what disability, or who the person is, so long as they can speak as a person living with a disability who can share his/her perspective on these topics.  Your goal is to compare your new knowledge to the knowledge of the PWD and draw conclusions about disability history and rights.  Thus, a ‘Q&A’ style submission will NOT be enough.  You can incorporate direct quotes from your interview if that helps make your point; however, you must also include your own written analysis in paragraph form.  (In other words do NOT simply type out your interview like this:  Question: What was it like growing up before the ADA was passed? / Answer:  It was tough.) A note on the Current Event option: Please be certain that your two current events are from within the last year.  You may choose current events from our Current Events Conference if you wish, but you do not have to.  All other reputable news sources are valid options, and please include links in your Proposal for my review.  Also, in order to compare/contrast two current events, you will need to identify both their similarities AND differences, in light of our course lessons, which can include the perspective of the author, the outcome of the event, or the perspective of the PWDs involved or the broader disability community, as represented by our course texts, for example.A note on References: In either Final Paper, you *must* use at least 3 citations from one or both of our course textbooks (Linton and/or Shapiro)chapters attached here from our course textbook by Shapiro  No Pity: People with Disabilites Forging a New Civil Rights Movement by Joseph Shaprio   No Pity: People with Disabilities Forging a New Civil Rights Movement ch. 2 No Pity: People with Disabilities Forging a New Civil Rights Movement ch. 3 *and* citations from at least 2 additional sources (you can use supplemental resources provided by me or our guest lecturers, online resources, or other reliable sources).  If you choose the current event option, the two current event articles you choose to compare/contrast do NOT count toward your total references used.  This means that you would have a minimum of 3 sources cited in your Bibliography (at least 1 course text and at least 2 additional sources), in addition to 2 current events cited, if you choose that option.——————-Applied Final Project (25%):  For this assignment, each student will write a paper that involves either extensive interviews with a person with a disability or an application of the principles of this course to at least two current events involving disability and/or people with disabilities.  In this paper, students will integrate information from class readings and discussions with what they learn from the interviews or additional readings.  The paper will synthesize academic material with the experiences of a person(s) with a disability.  A brief proposal that provides the subject to be discussed, the person to be interviewed or the current events to be contrasted, and the resources to be used will be due in advance.  If you would like to get started on your paper before then, your proposal may be submitted at any time.  ****However, please do not begin work on your paper until your proposal has been approved. Course Outcomes Met:Interact appropriately and communicate effectively using appropriate and respectful language based on knowledge of the disability community.Form a basic working knowledge and understanding of America’s disability rights movement and modern disability culture.Make connections and analyze problems related to current events using knowledge of historical context of disability issues.Format Requirements for Applied Final Project:Font = 12 point; Arial or Times New Roman.  Line spacing 2.0.  If you do not adhere to this format, points will be deducted.The paper will be 4-8 pages in length not including the Bibliography/references section.Please use in-text citations in American Psychological Association (APA) style, as shown in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Be sure to use appropriate language; do NOT use colloquial language; this is an official written assignment.Grammar and spelling are important to this assignment.