I need help with writing a letter to UK Embassy. I appliedfo

I need help with writing a letter to UK Embassy. I appliedfor a general visitor visa and unfortunately I had been refused. Please check the attached documents at the bottom of the question The main reason for refusal is that my account balance hasbeen bolstered in the month of November. Please check the attached bank accounthistory. You can see that from April 2014 until November 2014, I had almostsimilar amount credited to my account. I need help with drafting a letter however I will complete most of the letter myself. Most importantly, I want you to carefully analyze the bank history, do a professional comparison, provide mewith professional looking charts / graphs (Pls. note that I am able to createcharts in Excel  but I really need professional looking charts, it must be creative). Proper statistical study of the bank history has to be made based on data that has been provided.Download the files here