i need just one 75 words response&nbspQuestionThis unit covered

i need just one 75 words response QuestionThis unit covered project management techniques. Select a possible project management situation from your work or school experience and develop a project plan with at least five activities and with at least one predecessor activity. Create an activity network for your project. From your activity network, determine the critical path and identify any slack within your project. As you develop your project network be sure to think critically about each activity and use your best estimate of the time for the activity. How has the process of developing a project plan impacted how you might manage projects in the future?Answerlast April at the retail store where I work we went through a reinvention of our beauty department that required construction crews as well as store employees to complete different aspects of the project. The project was to take 5, 8 hour overnights to complete and in order for the work to be completed as planned each event had to happen in sequence. I have input the above information in to QM and there is no slack within the project and I would agree. There was no room for error and everything needed to be completed within the allotted time. In this case the project went as planned and all work was completed on time with the exception of some electrical work that could not have been predicted prior to the project start. My biggest take away is the slack factor, this is not something I had taken into account in previous projects but this information would be value-added.