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I need perfect 500 words about : this assignment about : https://www.sendspace.com/file/ugbx50 and book ( a contract with god ) Select a single page from A Contract With God, and show how it develops a central theme (or, the relationship between themes) in Eisner?s text in particularly interesting ways. Your thesis should clearly articulate the theme(s) which you perceive at work on the page; the discussion that follows the introduction will illuminate how the page develops the theme(s), connecting the page to the work as a whole. The selection of the page itself represents an important part of this assignment. Choose a page which provides a rich source for you to interpret. (If you are uncertain about whether a certain page would work, please ask me.) Consider how the page contributes to the theme or themes you see at work locally on the page, and globally in the work as a whole. Along with overarching themes/ideas, please consider the mechanics of the panel as well. In order to do that, you MUST draw in one (or more of the following elements): Style: Is the artistic style more realistic or more like a comic book? Which, for example, is rendered with a greater degree of realism — the backgrounds or the characters? Are all characters rendered in the same style? Space: How does Eisner use the relationship between what is there and what is not there? Space surrounding an object may call attention to it. Lack of space may create a crowded or closed-in feeling. Size and shape: How do the sizes and shapes of panels (or lack of them) emphasize the work?s theme (if they do)? How do the sizes and shapes of the font or fonts emphasize the work?s theme (if they do)? Line: What emotional effects does the artist?s line convey? A jagged or sketchy line may convey energy or uneasiness. A thick, even line may convey solidity. Transitions: What type of transitions does the page favor (this means moving from one set of actions to another)? Why use these particular transitions? What theme or themes might they advance? Design: How does the artist use all of the above elements to advance the themes of the story? You can consult Eisner?s book about comics and sequential art that I uploaded to our Blackboard page to help you with your analysis, and you should feel free to quote from it as well. Remember that this assignment is asking you to consider the text as a whole. You are not being asked to only write about the story to which the one panel you?ve selected belongs; you are being asked to consider both the meaning of that one story but also its relationship to Eisner?s overall themes.Will_Eisner-Theory_of_Comics_and_Sequential_Art.pdf