I need to come up with a response to words listed below furt

I need to come up with a response to words listed below furthering the discussion by asking questions And have to be at least 75 words LeadershipIhave had a great many experiences thus far in my life that havereflected the functions of management. During these experiencesI have not always been aware of these specific functions, but after anevent, I can reflect upon these various criteria and apply how toimprove. I am currently not working professionally, but have theresponsibility of Cub Master for a local Cub Scout group. My example therefore, correlates with an important field tripthat I am planning for this weekend, where I will be taking the scoutsand their families to visit a naval aircraft carrier. The four functionsdiscussed in the book are Planning, Leading,Organizing, and Controlling. I feel that the one function, that I havespent the majority of my efforts for this event has been the planningaspect. It is quite an undertaking to gather over twenty-five people’sinformation for security clearance to get themon the Naval Base. Surely the three other functions have made upaspects of this event as well. The text offers the following in regardsto planning, “Becauseorganizations exist to achieve goals, someone has to define those goalsand the means for achieving them; management is that someone. Theplanning function encompasses defining anorganization’s goals, establishing an overall strategy for achievingthose goals, and developing a comprehensive set of plans to integrateand coordinate activities. Evidence indicates this functionincreases the most as managers move from lower-level to mid-levelmanagement.”(Judge, 2013) Though the gathering of information to get thepeople on the base is just one aspect if the planning, followingthrough and ensuring that each person involved knowstheir role and what is required of them is also important to remember. Nowas a manger, I believe the function that would be used most often wouldbe leading. Your fellow employees arelooking to you, when problems or inadequacies arise. Rutgers Universityoffers the following, “People look to their managers to help themdefine a purpose, nurture their skills and talents, and inspire results.So even though traditional management workedin the past, the ever changing workplace and the dynamics of thedifferent generations making up the workforce require that a managerpossess leadership skills.”(Shmidt, 2012) I definitely agree with theauthor of this article in that a purpose is a must inorder to provide a path or direction for your employees to follow. Eachof the four function (plus others) have their place and order ofimportance, but it is up to the individual to decide their order ofimportance to meet the various needs.