I wrote this a while back in 2007. Its about a bad dream I

I wrote this a while back in 2007. It’s about a bad dream I had and I’m thinking about sharing it with my family. I wrote it in a hurry and I read it and don’t like the way it sounds. I want it to be interesting and corrected where it needs to be. I don’t have time to work on it, please help me re-write this. Thanks in advance. My Grandpa loved Christmas! He waited to open his christmas presents from the family until the morning. So he can act like Santa brought them to him. Since he was a little boy he worked at a very young age. He was to poor to get Christmas presents. My grandma lives way out in the country about 20 minutes from town. The dream took place at her house. All I remember is that she left me by myself. While she went to work. I got scared by myself because I started to think about my Grandpa. I thought he was going to come out and scare me. I went outside and sat on the steps in the garage. Then I called my Grandma and asked her what time she would be back. So she could pick me up and take me to my house. She said in about six hours. That was entirely to long for me to stay all alone and scared. So I called my mom and asked her if she could pick me up. She said no and started to get mad at me for no reason. Making up excuses why she couldn’t pick me up. All of a sudden a dove came flying in to the garage. He asked me if he could take a message. I said ‘sure can you take a stop to heaven’? I said give my Grandpa this Christmas card. It had Santa on the front putting a star on the Christmas Tree. He said okay I will do that. Then a crow came flying in mad wild and crazy. Chasing after the dove. Feathers flew everywhere. He wanted to eat the dove. I said don’t eat the dove he didn’t do anything. The crow said you be quite or I will eat you alive. I remember the crow being huge in size so scary and creepy. The dove got away safely. I told the crow why would you want to eat me. Out of all the dead animals on the side of the road. Go eat a cow or something just don’t eat me. That’s all I remember in that dream. I was so startled and afraid. Boy was I glad to wake up! They say that every dream has a meaning to them. What do you think mine was trying to tell me?