In this assignment, you will develop a research plan for the

In this assignment, you will develop a research plan for the week sevenpersuasive paper. You will consider questions to ask when thinking aboutyour topic, and search out two credible sources to support yourwriting. Please complete all of the following in your assignment: First,decide on a topic for the persuasive essay. The topic should be relatedto an issue within your career field (review the possible list oftopics on the week seven individual work page, or choose one of yourown, with your instructor’s permission). Respond to each of thefollowing for your research plan on the topic you’ve chosen:What is your topic and what prompted you to choose this topic? Whatquestions do you have about this topic that you would like to research?Provide a brief list of the questions (three to five). Choose at least one question and adapt it into a statement that might become the basis for your thesis statement. What difficulties do you anticipate in conducting your research? Second,find two sources that will support your topic. Make sure that one is anacademic journal article (refer to the LIRN searching steps indiscussion); the other may be a credible website, if you like (refer tothe acceptable versus unacceptable sources document). Use APA format to cite the reference page citations for each source.Third, provide responses to the following for each of your two sources. Each response should be one to three sentences:Doesthe source report on information experienced directly by the author oris it more of a summary of information from other sources? Provide anexplanation. Isthe information current (published within the last five years)? If itis a website source, when was the information last updated?  Will therebe any issues with using this source for your writing? (Is it toooutdated because the subject area has changed since publication?) What makes this source credible and how will it work for your persuasive writing? Forthis assignment, you will be looking for sources related to apersuasive topic you will write on for week 7 (see the list in the weekseven assignment, or speak to the instructor about an alternate topicidea).