In this assignment, you will use the ideas youdeveloped earl

In this assignment, you will use the ideas youdeveloped earlier this week in the discussion to craft yourargumentative/persuasive essay. This week, you will write a roughdraft of your persuasive essay that focuses on an issue of concernwithin your career field. Use the guidelines shown in Chapter 7 todevelop your ideas and shape your essay.Some examples to consider might be:Legal field: guilt/innocence of clients; death penalty; whistleblowing; public executions; insanity defense, etc.Medical field:life-saving methods and/or alternative medicines; assisted suicide forterminally ill patients; ethical issues surrounding organ donation; stemcell research, etc.Environmental field: global warming; composting; pesticide usage; deforestation; wetlands conservation; recycling, etc.Social Servicesfield: Child abuse/custody/neglect; binge drinking; addiction;discrimination of age/religion/race/gender; sweatshops and/or humantrafficking, etc.Education field: standardized testing; bullying; class sizes; dress codes; homeschooling; vouchers, etc.These are merelyexamples; if you can think of something else that would closely pertainto your field of interest, please ask the instructor for guidance. Ifyou would like to choose a topic outside of your field of study, pleasediscuss the topic you would like to write about with your instructor forapproval. Theargumentative/persuasive essay is a research paper, not a personalessay. Include your thoughts and ideas in the essay, but by writing onlyin the objective, academic third person. Do not use first person (I,me, my, us, we) or second person (any form of ‘you’). Please review thisinformation about writing in third person. You must include 2-3outside resources in your assignment to support the main points in youressay. These may not include .com or .net domain website sources. Locateacademic journal articles in the library, or consider to help you find academic-related sources.Remember that overall,your work should be paraphrased, not filled with numerous direct quotes.In the instance you must use the exact words of a source, make sure youinclude that additional information of the page (Smith, 2014, p. 34) orparagraph (Smith, 2014, para. 3) reference in the in-text citation.The submission should include:An APA formatted title pageAPA in-text citationsTwo to three (2-3) pages of written work (not counting the title or references pages)An APA formatted references pageFor citation guidelines, please refer to the table in the APA Style section of the syllabus.