Inclusion and Dissability in Education

Literature Based Paper
Must be 8 pages excluding the bibliography and abstract/cover page. Must include:
– a review of literature and archival sources.
– 12 citations
– Double-Spaced

Please include and integrate perspectives of disability advocacy groups and the disability community through selected sources such as:
– Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
– The 504 Regulations
– American Disabilities Act (ADA)

You may use the following types of sources:
– Academic research articles
– Policy reports and media coverage
– Other scholarly archival sources

– Overview of the issue
– Background
Scale and scope of the problem
– Historical context
– Demographics
– Magnitude of the issue
Barriers and challenges
– Stigma and attitudinal barriers
– Accessibility barriers
– Resource scarcity
Current approaches and responses to the problem:
– Responses by disability community, family members, and organizations working on disability issues
– Government responses (policies and programs)
– Nature of response (medical model, social model, bio-psycho-social model)
– Influence of COVID-19
Recommendations for:
– disability community, family members, allies
– policy makers
– social workers and those people implementing programs