International Business Environment*I need a high mark essay

International Business Environment*I need a high mark essay please!*the radio is from: extended economic recession we have been facing in the UK since the2008 financial crisis, and the rising levels of unemployment here, haveraised significant concern about what the government can and should bedoing to help revitalize the economy. Should the British governmentengage in ‘industrial policy’, subsidising particular industries? Shouldit invest in education and research in the sciences and engineering?Should it finance new infrastructural projects? Should it try toattract large businesses from abroad? Should it be developing policiesto help domestic small and medium enterprises [SMEs] to grow? The BBC radio program ‘The World Tonight’ broadcast an interesting newsprogram on Monday, November 28th, comparing the approach being taken bythe Scottish government, through the ‘Scottish Enterprise’ office, withthe very different approach being taken in the Northeast of England bythe Conservative/Liberal Democratic coalition, under the leadership ofDavid Cameron.How would Adam Smith judge the Scottish efforts, compared to theapproach of David Cameron’s government in the Northeast of England? Whatabout Michael Porter, how would he assess their different approaches?After listening to the ‘The World Tonight’ and after researching theissues in more depth, please write a 2,000 word essay, in which you dothe following:1.Give some background about the state of affairs in the Northeast ofEngland and in Scotland, and about the ways that the governments therehave been responding to the current economic recession. 2.Describe Adam Smith’s and Michael Porter’s theories about the optimaldevelopment of national economies, and the proper role of the state andinternational trade in national economic development.3.Analyse the recent government efforts in the Northeast England and inScotland, applying these theories. What do you think Adam Smith wouldadvise, were he asked to testify before Parliament on this issue? Whatdo you think Michael Porter would advise? Do you think the twotheorists would give similar or different advice about what thegovernments here in the UK should do, in their efforts to respond to theeconomic recession and high levels of unemployment? What would theirreasoning be?Your coursework should fulfil the following formal criteria:-Your essay should have an introduction and a conclusion, plus threeclearly marked subsections, each dedicated to one of the three parts ofthe question enumerated above.-The second subsection of your essay should include at least two quotesfrom Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations (Book IV, Chapter 2), and atleast two quotes from Michael Porter’s 1998 Harvard Business Reviewarticle ‘Clusters and the New Economics of Competition’. -It should include references from academic books and journal articlesas well as from quality newspaper and news magazine stories, frompublications such as: The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, American ProspectMagazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, TheIndependent, The Economist, Le Monde, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Die Zeit,etc…-Please include Harvard style references for all cited works, and include a bibliography at the end of the text,- Your essay should be spellchecked and grammar-checked.A guide to essay-writing is available on the BE413 moodle site, entitled ‘Tips: Notes & Essays’A guide to referencing and citation norms (how to paraphrase &integrate quotes into your text, how to include Harvard-style in-textreferences, and how to format bibliography entries – for books, article& web resources) is available on the BE413 moodle site as well,entitled ‘Tips: Referencing’