Jeff is the chief rhinoceros caretaker at the Red RiverValle

Jeff is the chief rhinoceros caretaker at the Red RiverValley Zoo. He has just arrived at the cargo dock in the local freight yard. Inorder to pick up four members of the endangered species rhinocerosiummathematicus recently rescued from poachers in Africa. In order to complete thepaperwork, he needs to weigh them, but the only scale big enough to the weightthe rhinos is a the truck scale that starts at 300 kilograms, more than whatone of any of the individual rhinos weighs. Jeff is puzzled for a few minutes,then gets the idea of weighing them in pairs, thinking that if he gets theweight of every pair he can figure out the weight of the individual rhinos. He compilesthe weights pair by pair, getting 312,356,378,444, and 466 kilograms. As hetries to weigh the heaviest pair of rhinos, the scale breaks. Does jeff haveenough information to find the weight of each rhino? If so, find the weight ofeach rhino, and if not, state why finding all the weights of the individualrhinos is impossible with the given information.