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Lab Report      Name: ____________________  Section: ___________________EXPERIMENT: Specific Heat Capacity of Metals  DATA TABLE 1:Object Description –First MetalSecond MetalRoom temperature, oCMass of water in calorimeter, 25 ml = 25 gMass of first metal objectStarting temperature of water (room temp)Starting temperature of object (room temp)Highest final temperature of water & objectDATA TABLE 2 – Part 1:ObjectsMass (g)T initialT finalDTC (cal/g oC)Water in calorimeterFirst metalPercent error of your experimentally derived value: _____________DATA TABLE 2 – Part 2:ObjectsMass (g)T initialT finalDTC (cal/g oC)Water in calorimeterSecond metalPercent error of your experimentally derived value: _____________Questions:A.Why is it a good idea to start with room temperature water in the calorimeter?B.Why did we ignore the calorimeter in our calculation, although it is listed in the original equation?C.When eating apple pie, you may have noticed that the filling seems to be much hotter than the crust. Why is this? What can you conclude about the specific heat of the fillings vs. the specific heat of the crust?D.Is the heat exchange between the metal and the water in the calorimeter by radiation, conduction or convection? Why?

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