lab5manual.pdf&nbspI need help with my lab project. I spent sig

lab5manual.pdf I need help with my lab project. I spent significant time on that but since I am abs new to this program and its software/hardware i am still in need of major first question is in debugging that what does it mean when it says:  How many levels deep is the call and how to we trace executible stack in printf here? how to we find depth level of call in stack?!!! after this i need help to write your own function that will return a constant 0x80000 for thedelay loop in the demo.c program that i attached here to this instruction and print out the number of times that it has been called to the serial output. The output should look exactly like:Hello, world! 0Hello, world! 1after that I need help how to  “tune” the delay values using the input switches. First, read the stateof all four switches and encode the boolean values from the switches into the lower 4-bitsof a single word. I attached a pdf file of detailed instruction of what is this lab about i wanted also attach demo.c file which is the c program for this lab you do not need to write C i already give you the c you need to write assembly in MIPS.If needed I have tutorial pdf too so it gives you more idea hot to start but since it only allow me to attach one pdf file i attached manual lab so you know whats up and if you know about this let me know and ill send you more file alonge with demo.c (cprogram) I def need help with what I asked and if not fully helped at least I need help how to start and do it. please help me. for this lab you should have :This lab assumes that you have:• MPLABX IDE v2.15 (newer versions require a PICKit3 firmware upgrade!)• MPLAB x32 cross-compiler v1.33*CoolTerm

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