LP2.2 Assignment Documentation in Patient Record Directions

LP2.2 Assignment: Documentation in Patient Record Directions: Procedure 14-8: Document in Patient File – using ONLY 1 progress noteand your name as the patient: Complete a progress note containing eachscenario (1-6) in Part V: Changing or Correcting Medical Records on page102 in Kinn’s The Medical Assistant Study Guide.  This assignment isworth 6 points.Before filling out the form, it will be necessaryto download and save the document to your computer.  Make sure toinclude your name in the title (for example, LP2.2: WorkProduct_Walters).Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox “LP2.2 Assignment: Documentation in Patient Record.” This assignment is worth a total of 6 points and will be graded according to the scoring guide below.Scoring Guide (6 Points)Rating Scale6Work meets or exceeds criterion at a high level of competence.0Criterion not met or work is absent. Criteria1.Form is filled out correctly (6 points for correct completion, 0 points for incorrect or no completion).