M5A1 – Final Project Report Assignment 1 LASA – Final Pr

M5:A1 – Final Project Report Assignment 1: LASA – Final Project ReportPrepare an 8-10–page report in Word. This report should include aproject history of your recent Trillo Apparel Company District 4Production Warehouse Move experience over the last five weeks.Your final report should include the following sections:Executive SummaryProject Performance and Status ReportOrganizational StructureProject and Administrative TeamsProject Risk and Change ManagementProject Management Techniques EmployedConclusionIncludeappropriate reports from your final project plans to corroborate youroverall report. You may also use diagrams, charts, and other visual aidsto make your report more effective. Assume that the report will bepresented to the Board of Directors of Trillo Apparel Company. Yourreport should be done in the APA style.In addition to the report, prepare an 7-9–slide presentation in PowerPoint that summarizes key aspects from the reportAttachments: project_management_case.docx d4warehousemove_wbs_1.xls project_plan_check_-_district4move.pdf