Management Action Plan (MAP)Please include documentation of

Management Action Plan (MAP)Please include documentation of all six steps in your submission of the MAP assignment. You should begin working onthe MAP at the beginning of this course. It is due in Unit VIII.I. Clarify the Problem or Opportunity for Improvement (OFI)Clearly describe the problem or Opportunity for Improvement (OFI) that you have selected for your MAP. Why is itimportant to resolve this problem right now? What are the consequences of not resolving this problem right now?II. Clarify your Measureable GoalClearly describe the desired outcome from your MAP implementation. What are you trying to accomplish? Howwill successful MAP implementation be measured and assessed? What realistic constraints do you have as youbegin creation of your plan? Consider limits on time, money, and other resources that are specific to your MAP.III. Prepare a List of Possible ActionsConsider possible root causes of the OFI. Why do you believe the problem exists? Brainstorm and present a listof all possible actions that you may need to take in order to achieve your MAP goal. At this stage, focus ongenerating as many different options and ideas as possible. It is likely that not all of your ideas will make it intoyou final MAP. Write down your ideas just as they come to your mind, trying not to judge or analyze them at thisstage.In your brainstorming, be sure to consider ideas* involving: Leadership Governance Clinical performance Physicians Nurses Clinical