Module 01 Accounting Capstone Project – Job DescriptionEdSil

Module 01 Accounting Capstone Project – Job DescriptionEdSilver has never had anyone to help him out in the office. You are thefirst hire in this type of position. Therefore, there is no jobdescription. You have been hired as the office manager/bookkeeper. Take afew moments to consider how you foresee this job.Onceyou have considered the whole scope of the job, Ed has asked you toprepare a job description. Conduct research to determine the skills that are necessary for the position. Make sure that you present the jobdescription in a professional manner. Choose purposeful formatting ofthe document, and demonstrate effective usage of English grammar andmechanics. Also consider that this document may very well become thebasis for job descriptions for Ed’s other employees.Attachments: grading_rubric_.html