&nbspI am Gary, I am in junior in high school and im currently

 I am Gary, I am in junior in high school and i’m currently taking a dual enrollment US History class from a nearby college and i’m working on a 2,500 word report about the seven years war but from the colonists point of view of the war. So far I have gotten about 500 words into this report and I have talked about how the war had gotten started with Virginia’s wealthy colonists claiming that the ohio country was theirs but the French told them no so Washington was sent in with a small force to set up a Fort so that they could claim the land but failed and had to build a small fort named with the appropriately Fort Necessity but it did not stay long because Washington’s fort was then set siege to by the french but he had surrendered in less than 24 hours and was sent home with the rest of his men back to Virginia. Later Washington would describe his loss as being ‘soundly defeated.’ That is about as far as I got and I know later in the report I want to talk about the colonists taking Montreal and Quebec but I wanted to talk about how the colonists lives were changed because of the war and how the lived at the time.