need a responseThis unit covered project management techniqu

need a responseThis unit covered project management techniques. Select a possible project management situation from your work or school experience and develop a project plan with at least five activities and with at least one predecessor activity. Create an activity network for your project. From your activity network, determine the critical path and identify any slack within your project. As you develop your project network be sure to think critically about each activity and use your best estimate of the time for the activity. How has the process of developing a project plan impacted how you might manage projects in the future?Answer no 2twice a year, we do menus one set for the spring and summer and the other set is for the fall and winter. We have steps in how we proceed with this process. First we take 5 days to do menus, the next step is preparing the production sheets and order guides, which takes three days for each, thirdly we work on production numbers, and looking for the items that are available to purchase and are allowed by our contract.The last step is to place the orders which is a one day process. I had to scan my excel page to my computer, because I couldn’t figure out how to connect the lines for D and F to connect to G.img011.jpg