New Entrants (how hard is it to get into the field of Stryke

New Entrants (how hard is it to get into the field of Stryker Corp, below i include an example for automotive)With the amount of capital needed to enter the automotive industry new competition does not occur often on the large global scale of Ford, GM, and Toyota but one company in particular should be discussed. Tesla Motors is a small American company that produces electric vehicles and electric powertrain components. Currently, Tesla is marketed towards more premium customers who would like a fully electric sedan or luxury roadster. Tesla has forced the rest of the market to view the industry in a different way because of their alternative energy vehicles albeit expensive for the average consumer. This has put pressure on the major manufacturers in the industry like Ford to realize that there is an undeveloped market companies have yet to tap into which is a fully electric vehicle with stylish looks and excellent alternative fuel economy at a price point under $35,000. Concentration (again used an example of a car company but needed it for Stryker corp to increase customer base)With the continual increase of price in gasoline and other fossil fuels major companies in the industry are concentrating on how to provide the same benefit of a gasoline powered vehicle with a lot of torque for towing, etc but without the use of the typical internal combustion engine and its need for expensive and limited fuel as well as concentrating on how to reduce the companies carbon trace on the planet by seeking battery driven and plug in electric vehicles that create much less carbon dioxide waste.Ford is also concentrating on reinventing specific vehicles in their lineup so it will appeal to new customers by offering a multitude of packages for their best selling vehicles. Using the F-150 Truck as an example Ford sells packages from the base farm truck model to a luxury country vibe style like the King Ranch or a ruggedly stylish Raptor, or a Platinum version that appeals to younger or specific audiences while maintaining customer loyalty without those consumers having to look outside the company for the vehicle options they would want.Income Taxes  (stryker corp) Provision for Income Taxes 2008 through 2010 (stryker corp)Deferred Tax Asset (stryker corp)Unrecognized Tax Benefits  (Stryker Corp)·  Breakeven point  ·  Goodwill to asset ratio·  Interest expense to debt ratio·  Days of working capitalProfit per personEarning per shareCompensation of Executive OfficersNeed this around 6 PM East around 6 hrs from now.

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