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NO2(g) + CO(g) ‘ src=’’> NO(g) + CO2(g) The rate of the above reaction depends only on the concentration of nitrogen dioxide at temperatures below 225°C. At a temperature below 225°C the following data were obtained:  Time (s)  [NO2] (mol/L)0 0.5201.10×103 0.4812.75×103 0.4334.12×103 0.4008.25×103 0.3251.65×104 0.236 Which of the following expressions for the rate law (either differential or integrated) are completely consistent with the above experimental data. Yes No k[NO2]3 = -d[CO]/dt Yes No ln([NO2]/[NO2]0) = -kt Yes No k[NO2]2 = d[NO]/dt Yes No -d[CO]/dt = k[NO2]2 Yes No 1/[NO2] – 1/[NO2]0 = ktCalculate the rate constant (k). Enter the numerical value and corresponding units.units.

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