On the Net #1 Calculate Your Benefits. Visit the Retiremen

On the ‘Net #1: Calculate Your Benefits. Visit the Retirement Estimator at the Social Security Administration website (www.ssa.gov/planners–> Click on calculators –> then click on quick calculator).There you will find a quick calculator that can be used to estimate yourSocial Security benefit in today’s dollars. Use an income figure thatapproximates what you expect to earn in the first full year aftergraduating from college. When the calculator provides your answer, clickon ‘‘break-even age’’ to see when you would be better off if you hadwaited until age 67 to begin taking benefits rather than age 62.Action Involvement Project #2: Letter of Last Instructions. Inventorywhat you own, including items of sentimental value, and write a letterof last instructions telling heirs who get what items. Sign and date theform. It is not necessary to have it witnessed, but you can if youwish.Action Involvement Project #3: Guardianship Criteria.Assume you have children and wish to identify a guardian for them inthe event you die before they are adults. Make a list of criteria youand a significant other might consider when making such a decision.

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