Pamela Brock incurs unreimbursed employment-related travel a

Pamela Brock incurs unreimbursed employment-related travel and entertainment expenses in connection with her job with the School for the Blind. Expenses include the following:Meals eaten alone while away from home $350Hotel 875Entertainment of peers from similar schools 400Airfare 1,875Dry cleaning 75Rental car 365Business meals with curriculum planners at which business is discussed 625William Brock makes significant trips between the golf courses where he works. Over the nine months he works he puts 9,200 miles on his vehicle. William is not reimbursed for the miles he puts on his vehicle.Required:Using the information above and information from each part of the course project complete the tax returns for James and Pamela Brock and William Brock. Please prepare the appropriate individual tax return including Schedule A, Schedule C and Schedule D as required.Please use the following address on the tax returns:135 Willow StreetWilton, VA 30051Social Security Numbers of the Brocks are as follows:James 123-45-6789Pamela 789-12-3456David 456-78-9123Jennifer 234-56-7890Ashley 891-02-3456William 345-67-8910