Part 1The Brain and Psychological InfluencesByincreasing you

Part 1The Brain and Psychological InfluencesByincreasing your understanding of theories that attempt to describe howyour brain works, it is helpful to consider what you were born with andhow your world has shaped you. You are, after all, not just a product ofour brains and our bodies. In this Discussion Board, you will delvedeeper into how your thinking and behavior is impacted by nature andnurture influences.Explain what genes are, and how behavioral geneticists explain our human differences. Discuss the impact of heredity (nature) and environment (nurture) on a person.Describe how evolutionarypsychologists use natural selection to explain behavior tendencies. Doyou agree with this? Why or why not?Part 2Human Development:Inthis unit, you are learning more about human development and differentinfluences. In this Discussion Board, take a closer look at a period ofdevelopment that you find particularly important. We can all probablyagree that no stage of human development is unimportant, but some impactus more based on periods of intense change or particular states ofvulnerability.Choose a period of developmentthat is significant to you in some way (prenatal, infancy, earlychildhood, middle childhood, adolescence, or adulthood).Describe what is going on duringthis time psychologically, socially, and culturally. Consider conceptssuch as attachment theory, parenting style, gender development, andcognitive development to further your discussion. Explain why this period of development is significant to you with regards to how it affects the way a person thinks and behaves.200 words minimum each part