Part Four (Stryker Corp) &nbsp 4 to 5 pages and 1 power point s

Part Four (Stryker Corp)   4 to 5 pages and 1 power point slide in regards to what you wrote.(N) InternetDoes the company use the Internet for internal use as an interactive part of operations? What functions are used in this manner?In what way could operational costs decrease if the company’s customers interacted with it through the Internet?(O) Software DevelopmentWho are the key development personnel involved with the creation, coding, and evaluation of software products? What are their tenure and educational backgrounds?How much money is invested annually in the development? As a proportion of sales?What is the company’s strategy in designing new products (e.g., quality, support, special features)?(Q) MarketingWhat types of advertising and promotion are used?Does the company have a website? Who owns the site and how is it hosted?Does the company use e-mail for marketing notifications to customers?What are the proportions of sales by distribution channel?How many customers can the company potentially market its products to? What would be the volume by customer?What is the company’s market share? What is the trend?Are there new markets in which the products can be sold?(R) SalesWhat is the sales strategy (e.g., add customers, increase support, increase penetration into existing customer base, pricing, etc.)?What is the structure of the sales organization? Are there independent sales representatives?Into what category do customers fall—end users, retailers, OEMs, wholesalers, and/or distributors?If possible, identify the top 10 customers, based on sales volume. What is the historical sales volume to all customers for the past 3 years?Does the company have an Internet store? Does the site accept online payments and orders? What percentage of total sales comes through this medium?What is the structure of the technical support group? How many people are in it, and what is their compensation?(S) Research and DevelopmentObtain a summary of all R & D projects currently underway, including their current status, estimated time and cost to complete, and estimated unit costs as compared to target costs.

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